Water report 2020

If you are interested in numbers, lots of numbers, read our water report for the year 2020.

In short, over the calendar year, we collected and treated 5.7 million US gallons of water, used a tiny fraction for various purposes, lost some due to leaks (27,000 gallons), and distributed to our homeowners 5.6 million US gallons.


Survey on water meters

 In 2020, the average household consumption in the Village Point Improvement District was 65 US gallons per day per household (that is, 245 liters per day). We anticipate this average to rise over the years. Several years in a row we had to have water trucked in by the end of summer. This has led to discussions about how to encourage conservation. And one question that has arisen is whether we should install household water meters?

    The VPID board of trustees has set up a committee to investigate this question, including the costs for installation and for operations, the pros and cons of having individual water meters installed for each household, benefits or drawbacks for the community and for the individual homeowner. 

The committee would like to harvest opinions and suggestions from our 237 homeowners through a survey. This is not a vote.

(This survey is now closed).

You may see a summary of the results here. Or read a longer report here.