A 3 Year Plan (2021-2023)


In 2017, a 4-year long term plan was created and posted on the VPID website. Year 1 topics included Stabilization, Communication, Voting and Education. Years 2 and 3 topics included pursuing Improvement Grants and the conducting of a water usage survey. Year 4 was a report from the metering committee by April 2021. A review of this 4-year long term plan identified some successes and some areas still needing completion.


For stabilization, one of the objectives was to bring on another well. Over a two-year period, 2 previously drilled wells (6A and 7) were brought online complete with new well houses. Leak detection procedures were enhanced to reduce losses and a number of hidden curb stops located.

For communication, a VPID website was created and has grown in usage. The frequency in which informative and varied articles are displayed has increased. The number of VPID landowners providing email addresses has grown allowing for ease of sending messages. In addition, 7 VPID notice boards have been placed at Canada Post Community Mailboxes located within the VPID boundaries allowing for the timely displaying of messages.

The issue of allowing voting by proxy was investigated. A review of the VPID Letters Patent and the BC Government Act identified that proxies are not allowed.

The quest to access government grants for improvement districts continues. Contacts have been made with provincial and federal government representatives with little in the way of positive results to report.

The metering committee is being resurrected with the creation of a Terms of Reference document, Code of Conduct Agreement, and the addition of some new committee members. A water survey was completed in the Fall of 2018 with 75 landowners participating, the results of which are posted in the website.

New 3 Year Plan:

The new 3-year plan will begin in January of 2021 and include the following pillars: Financial Stability, Water Supply, Communication, Education and Completion of the Meter Study. The intent is to continue a planning horizon of 3 years in an ongoing rolling basis. Below are the objectives for the next 3 years:

Year 1 (2021)

Financial Stability:

  1. Eliminate the accumulated operating deficits for Sewer in 2 years and Water in 3 years by increasing tolls, reducing taxes by an equivalent amount and reducing operating expenses where possible.
  2. Pay off the remaining $27,000 mortgage still owing on the Water mainline pipe replacement project.
  3. Eliminate the net reserve deficit for Water.

Water supply:

  1. Complete the well 19 project located on the Right of Way to the Tank Farm and bring it online by May 1, 2021.


  1. Continue with 2 Landowner forums in the Spring and Fall
  2. Provide input to the Mayne Island Integrated Water Systems Society articles in the MayneLiner
  3. Post storage levels on a weekly basis during the summer months on the VPID notice boards as well as in strategic locations.


  1. Include articles in the quarterly update letters on techniques for saving water.
  2. Identify main areas of water usage in homes.
  3. Identify how to recognize leaks on houses or properties.
  4. Provide simplified information on the VPID system.

Meter study:

  1. Create terms of reference for the committee.
  2. Establish committee members.
  3. Conduct a second water survey.
  4. Bring the study to a closure with a report due April 2021.

Year 2 (2022)

Financial Stability:

  1. Sewer accumulated operating deficit is eliminated.
  2. Second year of reductions in the accumulated operating deficit for Water.


  1. Prepare a manual for the VPID Board of Trustees to ensure that various policies, procedures and principles that have been developed over the years is not lost when new Trustees are elected.

Year 3 (2023)

Financial Stability:

  1. Water accumulated operating deficit is eliminated

Water Supply:

  1. Initiate a study to add one more storage tank at the Tank Farm

Posted January 18, 2021