Bylaw 45: Sewer



A by-law for regulating the collection and disposal of sewage and prescribing penalties for non-compliance with the regulations.

The Trustees of Village Point Improvement District ENACT AS FOLLOWS:

1.  In this by-law, unless the context otherwise requires:

(a) “Trustees” shall mean the Trustees of the District or their duly authorized representatives.

(b) “Sewage” shall mean sewage conveyed through the works operated or maintained by the District.

(c) “Works” shall mean anything capable of or useful for collecting, storing, conveying, treating, or disposing of sewage.

(d) “Sewer” shall mean the Community Absorption Field System operated and maintained by the District, or portion thereof.

Service Connections

2.  Service connections will only be allowed where a septic tank had been installed, and:

(a) All septic tanks must meet the British Columbia Ministry of Health’s standards of approval.

(b) All septic tanks must be approved for use by the Capital Health Region Environmental Health Officer.

3.  Where an applicant for a sewer service requires a type of service in excess of that which can be supplied from the works of the District, the Trustees may require the said applicant to pay for all or part of any works considered necessary to augment system capacity in order to meet the sewer requirements.  Alternatively, the said applicant may be required to make a capital contribution towards the future provision of such works.  Applicants considered under this section may be required to enter into a formal agreement with the District regarding the special terms and conditions under which sewage is collected.

4.  Before any person shall install or construct any works, or shall commence any construction work related or connected thereto, he shall apply to the District in writing and obtain a written permit therefor, and if required by the Trustees, he shall furnish a plan and specifications which shall show:

(a) The purpose and the size of the pipes and the number of outlets related or connected thereto.

(b) A description of the material which the applicant proposes to use.

(c) The street address and complete legal description of the premises in which the installation or connection is to be made.

5.  Immediately after the completion of any works, and before such works or any part thereof has been covered or concealed, the Trustees shall be notified that such works are ready for inspection.  The works shall not be covered until they have been inspected, tested under pressure, and accepted in writing by the Trustees.

Change of Occupancy or Ownership

6.  No agreement between the occupant or owner of premises and the District with respect to sewer service to those premises may be transferred to another occupant or owner.  New occupants or owners of premises shall apply in writing to the District for sewer service and receive permission before they commence to use the service.  Should the parcel’s disposal system fail to comply with the requirements of this by-law at the time of change of occupancy or ownership, permission to use the service shall not be granted until said system is brought into compliance.

Trustees Right of Access


(a) The Trustees shall have right of access to all parts of a person’s property or premises at all reasonable hours for the purpose of inspection or testing any works, fittings or appliances related to the collection of sewage.

(b) No person shall obstruct or prevent the Trustees from carrying out any of the provisions of this by-law.

District’s Works

8.  No person except the Trustees shall tamper with any of the District’s works.

9.  No person shall obstruct at any time or in any manner the access to any fixture connected with the District’s works, and should any person so obstruct access to any said fixture the Trustees may remove such obstruction at the expense of the offender.

10. When a landowner requests that any of the District’s works situated within an easement in favor of the District be moved or relocated, the entire cost of moving or relocating the said works shall be borne by the landowner unless other arrangements are agreed upon in writing by both parties.

Works on Private Property

11. No person from whose premises sewage is collected shall make, or permit to be made, any additional connection to this service of either temporary or permanent nature, for the purpose of collection sewage from another building, or house trailer on his, or any other property without permission of the Trustees.


(a) No roof drainage, cellar drainage, surface drainage, exhaust steam or blow off shall be connected in any way with the District’s sewer works.  No water used in any automobile garage for washing either the floors or automobiles shall be allowed to enter the sewer.

(b) No gasoline, coal oil, heating oil, lubricating oil, waste acid, or any inflammable liquid or acid shall be discharged into the sewer system or be allowed to enter into the sewer system in any manner.

(c) Nothing other than liquid effluent is to be pumped or discharged into the sewer.

(d) The sludge or deposit contained in existing septic tanks will not be pumped or discharged into the sewer system, or permitted to enter into the said system in any manner.  Whenever necessary, the sludge or deposit in the said tank or tanks shall be removed and hauled away therefrom, at the expense of the property owner.

13. No change or addition to the number or type of fixtures on a premises, for the purpose of expanding a commercial or industrial enterprise, shall be made until notice thereof has been given in writing to the Trustees and written permission therefore obtained.  Any extra charge or higher charge payable due to the change or addition shall be paid before the change or addition is commenced.

14. The property owner shall be responsible for the safekeeping, maintenance, repair and replacement of all service pipes from the outlet of the District’s curb stop or standard sewer valve at his property line and shall protect them from frost or other damage, and shall promptly repair frozen, leaky or imperfect pipes or fixtures.

Liability of District

15. The District does not guarantee a specific level of service to meet the special requirements of individual users.  The District reserves the right to interrupt sewer service at any time for the purpose of making repairs or alterations to the works.  If service is to be interrupted for more than four (4) consecutive hours, due notice shall be given to those sewer users affected.

16. Every person who disobeys or fails to comply with any provision of this by-law shall be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00) or to imprisonment not exceeding sixty days, or both.

17. This by-law may be cited as the “Sewer Regulation By-law.”

18. By-law number 4 is hereby repealed.

INTRODUCED and given first reading by the Trustees on the 20th day of September, 2000

RECONSIDERED and finally passed by the Trustees on the 20th day of September, 2000


Cal Davis, Chairman of the Trustees               Sharin Bergman, Secretary of the Trustees