Board of Trustee Candidates 2021

David Boal

David Boal, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Toronto)

Mine is a typical Island story: property acquisition, clearing and environmental mayhem. The Trailer, early retirement (SFU Physics), construction of The Cabin (2014-16), still a part-time resident with family living at home.

My primary community involvement has been through figurative and pop art (two small-group shows and five open shows at the Ag Hall); see and some broom-clearing on Henderson Hill. 

Having a lab background, I’ve enjoyed learning the operation of the treatment plant while serving on the VPID water meter committee.

If elected trustee, my interest would lie on the technical side: water and waste management, aquifer protection, soil inventories, provincially-mandated changes to the building code.

John Glover

John C. Glover, CISSP, CISA, CMC, ITCP

John C. Glover has over 40 years’ experience in providing business-oriented technology and human resources solutions to national and international organizations. 

John is a hands-on senior certified management consultant (a life member of the Canadian Association of management Consultants – CAMC). John was also active in the Canadian Telecommunications Consultants Association – CTCA and was a member of the Past President’s Council. John continues to liaison with USA telecom counterparts as an active member of the SCTC – The Society of Computer and Telecommunications Consultants. 

John provides business-focused, results-oriented solutions leveraging information technology and telecommunications while providing strong coaching and team leadership.