Metering committee report (February 2021)

In November 2020 the Board of Trustees set up a metering committee to help bring to a conclusion the investigations started in 2017.

The committee was tasked to:

  1. Look at what other similar jurisdictions that have meters are doing;
  2. Find an objective way to determine what our water consumption should be;
  3. Survey our homeowners to learn about their expectations regarding metering (see separate survey report here; PDF, 12 pages);
  4. Look further into the costs associated installing household meters throughout our district;
  5. Search for funding opportunities to lessen these costs.

The committee produced a report on its findings which is available here (PDF, 7 pages).

The Board of Trustees has extended the mission of the metering committee for another year, to focus on better awareness & education of our homeowners on these issues and on water conservation, and to make us better prepared to make key decisions in 2022.