2021 Trustee Candidates

There are 2 trustee positions to fill for a 3-year term. We have currently three nominations. (See the page Trustees wanted for the nomination process.) The election will take place in person at the Adachi Pavilion on Saturday March 27

David Boal

Mine is a typical Island story: property acquisition, clearing and environmental mayhem. The Trailer, early retirement (SFU Physics), construction of The Cabin (2014-16), still a part-time resident with family living at home. My primary community involvement has been through figurative and pop art (two small-group shows and five open shows at the Ag Hall; www.davidboal.ca and some broom-clearing on Henderson Hill. Having a lab background, I’ve enjoyed learning the operation of the treatment plant while serving on the VPID water meter committee. If elected trustee, my interest would lie on the technical side: water and waste management, aquifer protection, soil inventories, provincially-mandated changes to the building code.

John Glover

John C. Glover has over 40 years’ experience in providing business-oriented technology and human resources solutions to national and international organizations. 
John is a hands-on senior certified management consultant (a life member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants – CAMC). John was also active in the Canadian Telecommunications Consultants Association – CTCA and was a member of the Past President’s Council. John continues to liaison with USA telecom counterparts as an active member of the SCTC – The Society of Computer and Telecommunications Consultants. 
As a Mayne Island full time resident for over 14 years John provides time to the community as a past president and previous webmaster for the Lions Club and has been a trustee of the VPID since 2019 in the role of Chair, Audit and Finance.
When John is not creating training materials for the CyberSecurity confidentiality and privacy sectors, he continues to contribute to the local community however and whenever he can. John is hopeful that this experience, already offered to the VPID, will be of value to our water and sewer management efforts going forward.
John has served as a trustee on the VPID board of trustee for the last 2 years (2009-2011).

Doug Hill

Mayne Island Volunteer Activities:
-Incumbent trustee on the Village Point improvement district
-Trustee on the Mayne Island improvement district (chair)
-Duty officer on the Southern Gulf Islands emergency program
-Member of the Mayne Island Lions
-Over 25 years as a board member on a diverse group of boards
-Electrical Technologist (retired) employed in the electrical power industry for 44 years
I would like continue to work with fellow trustees and our dedicated contract employees to ensure efficient successful operation of the water and sewer system.