Trustees wanted (deadline: April 5th)

A board of five trustees is responsible for the stewardship, governance, and long-term planning of Village Point Improvement District’s drinking water and shared sewer resources.

The Village Point Improvement District is seeking nominees for two trustee positions, to be elected at our annual general meeting on April 20th, 2024. The positions are for a term of three years (2024-2027). The deadline for nomination is April 5th at 4:00pm.


Trustees meet once each month. In addition, each trustee is expected to serve on at least one of the following committees, which generally meet monthly: Audit/Finance, Human Resource/Governance, or Operations/Compliance. They may also be contributing to ad hoc committees on various topics.


Trustees must be homeowners within Village Point Improvement District or their spouse. They must be Canadian citizens, and have resided in B.C. for the last 6 months.

The most important qualifications for a trustee are a desire to serve and represent the community, collaborate with their fellow trustees in the planning and oversight of our operations, and oversee the wise use of our community’s natural, financial, and human resources.

If you have the above qualities, please consider serving on our board of trustees.

Knowledge of organizational governance, budgeting and finances, and the technical side of drinking water and sewer management would also be strong assets. However, if you lack these abilities, know that we have qualified staff who manage the daily operations of our water, sewer, finance, and administration functions.

Next steps, if you are interested…
  1. Read our letters patent (our founding document or mandate)
  2. Draft a short bio describing yourself and your interest in the position. Submit it and we will publish it in advance of the annual general meeting, by April 5th at the latest.
  3. Download and read the Trustee Handbook
  4. Between now and our AGM, take time to familiarize yourself with the Local Government Act and read the Improvement District Manual.
  5. Sign a nomination form, attesting to your eligibility, available here (Word) or here (PDF), by April 7th at the latest.
  6. If there is still time, ask to attend a board meeting (See tab “Event”).

If you have someone in mind whom you would like to nominate, please discuss it with them before submitting their nomination. The job of trustee is a serious commitment and we strongly encourage all candidates to give serious consideration to the role, well in advance of the annual general meeting.

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