Rates increase in 2023

As announced in our Newsletter from November 11th, our utility rates for water and sewer will increase in 2023.

2023 Utility Rates:

If your property is connected to both community water and sewer, the table below shows the increase from 2022 to 2023. The new 2023 monthly rates will become effective on January 1st, 2023:

2022 Water & Sewer2023 Water & Sewer
Sewer Taxes$ 50.00Sewer Taxes$  55.00
Water Taxes$ 20.00Water Taxes$ 22.00
Sewer Tolls$ 42.00Sewer Tolls$ 46.00
Water Tolls$ 55.00Water Tolls$ 61.00
Total$167.00$ 184.00

If you are only connected to water, the monthly rate increases from $ 77.00 to $ 83.00.

Some property owners prefer to pay the full year in advance. The annual amount would be $2,208.00 for water and sewer, or $996 for water only.

Let our administrator know if this is your preference: vpid651@outlook.com

Background Information:

VPID submit two annual bylaws to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to declare the rates for water taxes and water tolls. The Ministry approves the water tolls bylaw and the water taxation bylaw, which are then registered with the Inspector of Municipalities. Approved bylaws are available to view on this web site. The new bylaws 123 and 124 have received government approval, and have been posted replacing bylaws 120 and 121.

Water Taxes:

Every property owner in the Village Point Improvement District pays water taxes, whether they are connected to the community water system or not. The level of taxation is determined through our annual budgeting process, and the taxes are held and used internally to pay for infrastructure improvements such as replacement of mainline pipes, well development and the treatment plant.

Water Tolls:

Property owners connected to the Village Point Improvement District community water system pay water tolls, or water usage. Water tolls, as with water taxes, are determined through the annual budgeting process and the tolls are held and used internally. Every property owner connected to the community water system pays the same amount.