Introduction to the Village Point System, Continued

Stage 5: From the Plant to the Street

The water from the storage tanks is distributed from the Tank Farm via a 6″ pipeline down to Mariners Way. From this line the water branches off to provide water to properties on Mariners Way, Dalton Drive, Callaghan, Spinnaker, Dinner Bay Road, Lundy lane and Leighton lane.

VPID has 5 meter stations strategically located to be used for leak detection.

In addition, VPID has 21 fire hydrants spread throughout the system. These fire hydrants are flushed annually to clear the system of debris and ensure they are in good working order.

Each zone is partitioned by a number of main line valves which are used to isolate various regions of a street which allows us to monitor abnormal flow of water to the isolated section.

Stage 6: From the Street to Our Homes

 Water from the main line is controlled by a valve, which is called a Corporation Stop (Corp Stop). From the Corp Stop, a pipeline goes directly to or under the road to a dual metal pipe with 2 Curb Stops. The Curb Stops control the flow of water to your house and is the property of the VPID. On the residence side of the Curb Stop should be a gate valve to be used to shut off water when absent from the house for 48 hours or longer.

Historically many people have used VPID`s curb stops to turn off water to their houses when leaving the island for more than a day.  We strongly recommend that homeowners install their own shut-off valve in the line to their property.  These valves are easy to use and have a low probability of developing leaks. 

Stage 7: End of Line Water Monitoring

Water samples are taken twice a month to Maxxim Labs to be tested for bacteria. We also have chemistry (trace element) sampling of water from the treatment plant and each well, every six months, through MB Labs. Samples are taken weekly at the end of each distribution line to check for chlorine residuals. At any sign of risk, VPID will issue a Boil Water Advisory by e-mail and posted mail as well on our website

Coming soon: the Septic System

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  1. Don – Just visited the VPID website for the first time in awhile and I really appreciate the detailed info you have posted on the system.

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