Third Quarter 2021 Update

New well

Source approval for well 19 was received on May 27. The Island Health engineering department requested additional information regarding the VPID Treatment Plant system. We are waiting for their review to be completed. The total cost for well 19 to date is $38,640. 

Spring landowner forum

The second VPID Landowner Forum was held on Saturday, May 8th, 2021. Only 6 landowners attended. In future, the Forum will be held on a mid week evening in the hope of increasing attendance. Notes on the Forum can be found on the VPID web site here:

Water conservation and metering committee

The Water Conservation and Metering Committee (WaCom) has completed its work and asks that residents review the full report and survey results on the VPID website. Frequently asked questions provide a great start to the consideration of this summer’s projected use, and whether meters are necessary. see the FAQ’s here:

We’re currently trying to hold to a target of a 15% decrease in water use over the year. December 31st records will tell if that worked. Your conservation efforts are appreciated. Generally, June was a good month, but peaks of up to 19 thousand gallons occurred on two separate days. This approaches the capacity of our wells. We can’t have that happening too frequently without losing reserves, resulting in the same kind of graphing as in 2018 and 2020, when we had to import water. View the graph here:

Surprisingly, those who maintain their own onsite storage collectively manage an almost equivalent amount of storage as at the plant, about 88 thousand gallons. That has increased over the 3 years that we have tracked home storage. Thanks to all 30 of you, for taking the initiative. Hats off especially to Don Barthel for his rainwater harvest of 12 thousand gallons!

Water storage level

Water storage levels have dropped significantly over the month of June to a low of 51%. This is not an acceptable situation to be in at the start of summer. We experienced a large volume of water outflow during the middle of several nights that does not appear to be related to a leak. A reminder to all residents to ensure water hoses are not left unattended and taps are closed when not needed.

Rob Noyes

We are pleased to welcome Rob Noyes to VPID. In order to provide a trained backup for Ian and Phil, Rob began his training in May. Rob brings experience and a skill set developed from years at the Home Hardware and has his EOCP certification for small water systems

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