Fourth Quarter 2021 Update

Well # 19

Well 19 began operating on July 3rd and quickly became VPID’s second largest producer, averaging about 3,800 gallons per day at a rate of 10 gallons per minute while operating.

Fall Landowner Forum

The third VPID Landowner Forum is scheduled for November 17 at 7:00 pm. The main topic for discussion is reduction of water usage and information on the upcoming referendum on water meters. Please register for the zoom meeting here:

Water Conservation and Metering Committee

Water usage was about 11% lower in 2021 than 2020 for the April to September period. Our water storage graph ( shows that 2021 was a good year for the Treatment Plant. At no point was there a risk of needing to truck in water. The reduction in usage is comparable to what studies have shown to be the result from the installation of meters. Please look at the FAQs ( at the VPID website for information to guide residents on the upcoming referendum regarding the installation of meters. Please visit the VPID web site at for the full report.

Phil Donnelly – VPID Technician

Phil passed away suddenly in late July. Phil was well known to the Village Bay community. Always ready to address systems problems or discuss things, he is sadly missed by his VPID family. We will miss his enthusiasm, friendship and love of life. Rest in peace Phil.


At various times throughout the year, messages are sent via email to about 80% of the property owners. We are grateful to those who provided us with email addresses. For those who haven’t, we urge you to do so as it becomes time consuming to contact everyone.

Fire wood

A portion of the three cedar trees on the Spinnaker septic field will be cut in early November. Please contact Ian Cocker at 250 222 0143 if interested in some of the firewood.

Septic Tanks

A tip for maintaining septic tanks in good working condition. Once a year, flush raw chopped up liver down a toilet. The liver promotes the action of bacteria found in septic tanks.

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