VPID update, Spring 2023

Staffing Update

We wish to welcome Kurt Dahle to the VPID technical staff.  Kurt filled in for Rob Noyes over the holidays and we expect to see more of Kurt in the months ahead as he gains more experience with the VPID system. 

Annual General Meeting

The 2023 Annual General Meeting will be held at the Community Centre on April 22rd at 1:00 pm.  Voting for trustees must be done in-person so participation will not be available via zoom.

Election of Trustees

The term of office for VPID trustees is three years and elections are staggered to provide continuity.  For 2023, there are two vacancies; incumbent trustees may seek re-election as they wish.  To be eligible to run as a trustee, you must be a Canadian citizen, 18 years of age or older, have been a resident of BC for the past 6 months and be an owner of land, or their spouse or common-law partner, located within the defined area identified in Village Point Improvement District’s Letters Patent. Anyone wishing to run for trustee is asked to fill out the nomination form found at www.vpid.ca. The completed form must be submitted by April 7th.

2022 Annual Water Report

Household water consumption for 2022 was 4,989,172 US gallons or 56.7 US gallons per connection per day. Compared to 2021, this is a reduction of 2.5% in overall consumption (or 59.2 US gals daily consumption). Thirteen leaks were discovered and stopped, the same as 2021; water losses due to leaks remained stubbornly high at 381,000 US gallons because of periods of below-freezing temperatures.

Capital Projects

Water from the VPID treatment plant is stored at the adjacent tank farm, which consists of five steel-walled tanks with a combined capacity of 88,000 US gals.  The tanks are roughly fifty years old, and their walls are increasingly subject to corrosion.  Over the next few years, these tanks will be replaced by more than ten plastic tanks.  We do not anticipate a serious disruption to water delivery during the changeover.

Leaks on Private Property

Bylaw 101 states that if a landowner fails to shut off their water at the road when away for more than 48 hours and a leak occurs, a fee will be charged for the recovery of labour costs incurred in finding the leak. Property owners unsure of how to shut off their water are asked to contact Ian Cocker at 250-222-0143.

Event of interest

Erica Gies will be presenting a talk on the Slow Water Movement at the Ag Hall on Sunday April 30, 1 to 3pm. Author of the book Water Always Wins, she is an independent journalist and a National Geographic Explorer (www.ericagies.com). For more information, please email Eleanor Cocker at iecocker@shaw.ca