44th Annual General Meeting

The 44th Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday April 22nd, 2023 at 1:00pm at the Mayne Island Community Centre, 413 Felix Jack Road.


Introduction of VPID staff and trustees.

  1. Approval of the agenda.
  2. Approval of the minutes of the 43rd VPID AGM held on 23 April 2022.
  3. Business arising from the minutes.
  4. Chair’s report (David Boal).
  5. Manager’s report (Ian Cocker).
  6. 2022 Financial Statements (Mike Jones).
  7. 2023 Budget (Mike Jones).
  8. Motion to appoint the auditor for 2024.
  9. Election of 2 trustees.
  10. New business.
  11. Motion to adjourn.

Financial summary for 2022:

This is a summary of the audited 2022 financial statements, excluding amortization. The complete audited report is available HERE.

*An additional $35,000 was drawn from accumulated cash to reduce the outstanding balance on the sewer loan.

Proposed Budget for 2023


  1. Increases in taxes and tolls of 10% were implemented for 2023. This is the first increase since 2019 and was judged necessary because of rising operating costs due to inflation, and a desire to manage our reserves to be prepared for anticipated future capital expenses.
  2. Operating expenses were generally increased in the 2023 budget to reflect observed increase in operating costs, including labour, in 2022.
  3. We anticipate paying down the water loan ($202,710) by $35,000 when it matures in July 2023.
  4. We are beginning to replace the water storage tanks, some of which are over 50 years old, and have budgeted $40,000 in for this capital expense.
  5. No capital projects are planned for sewer.
  6. The estimated current value of our capital assets is $2,142,296.

Election of trustees

Trustee terms of office are three years, elected on a staggered basis to provide continuity of experience among the five trustee positions. Two positions are vacant in 2023: one trustee is seeking re-election and a second individual has been nominated as of the close of nominations on April 7th.

The following bios have been supplied by the 2 candidates:

Don Barthel

Don Barthel and his wife, and three children who aren’t quite yet fully out on their own, have been part time on Mayne in the VPID since year 2000, and full time since 2020. An avid gardener and maker of things, he is one of two co-founders of UsedVictoria.com (and other related websites) and an accounting software company before that.

Don is also a conservationist and long-time volunteer with the Green Party. He has experience sitting on boards of directors with the Green Party and with his daughter’s hockey associations.

His goal is to not impede the already smooth-running organization and to promote conservation within the VPID. He is a proponent of water meters and rainwater collection.

Philippe Kruchten

Master degree in mechanical engineering (1975). Doctorate degree in computer science (1986), both from French engineering schools

Software design of large, safety-critical, real-time systems with companies in telecommunication, defence and aerospace, in Europe, USA and Canada for about 30 years. Professor of software engineering at UBC for 16 years.

I’ve lived in Vancouver since 1993, but spend 15% of my time on Mayne since 2000 with my wife Sylvie, and now more since I retired from UBC a couple of years ago. I bring experience as a board member of the Engineers and Geoscientists of BC, and a few other technical and scientific organizations.

VPID involvement
As a VPID trustee in 2020-2023, I’ve been involved in the debate on water meters and I organized the referendum that concluded it. I am managing the website VPID.ca that you are currently reading.