Water Shut-off – January 19th and 20th, 10pm to 8am

We continue to experience critically low water storage levels at our treatment plant. Because of the inclement weather this week, trucking in water is not an option for the next couple of days. The VPID Trustees have therefore instructed our operations team to shut off all water to the district tonight and tomorrow night to reduce outflows and hopefully maintain at least minimal storage. We hope to be able to bring in water on the weekend once the roads are less snowy.

If you are not a full-time resident, please consider not coming to Mayne this weekend. If you are a “full timer” please respect the intent of this shut-off and do not try to run water during the shut-off periods. The less the system drains of water during the night, the easier it will be to restore pressure once the water comes back on.

To protect our water infrastructure, the water will be turned on slowly each morning. Because of this, you will likely experience low pressure for a few hours after 8 am, as well as air or air bubbles in the water because of the water being turned on very slowly.

The VPID trustees greatly appreciate your cooperation during this difficult period.