Update: No shut-off on Monday 22nd

Water Shut-off Jan. 20, 21 and 22, 10pm to 8am

We are pleased to report that for the past two days, almost certainly because of the overnight water shut-offs, water into the treatment plant has exceeded water out of the plant, allowing a modest increase in our storage. This was the case on only two days between January 1 and January 18. This is great news for VPID, but with it comes the not-so-great news that we have decided to extend the overnight shut-offs for an additional three nights (Sat, Sun, Mon). By that time the snow will have cleared to the point where (1) we can truck in water if needed, and (2) our operations team can search for the 3-4 gallon per minute leak that has been very difficult to track down. Because of this we do not anticipate extending the shut-offs beyond Monday.

We have not decided to implement these shut-offs without careful deliberation of our options. Because of the snow accumulation in the past couple of days, and the location of the treatment plant, bringing in tankers of water is not an option. We feel that restoring our storage to levels where we have more operating flexibility is a critical need and have not identified another means of achieving this.

As always, many thanks for your cooperation during this difficult time.